Catering & special events

Catering is an opportunity for us to work more closely with our customers. If you have a special occasion or large order email us for a quote and to provide details of your event. Email for assistance.





By phone

Prefer to place your order via phone? You can place orders by calling (952) 451-1413 between 8am and 8pm. Ask for Jeremy.

The shindig

Feed up to 100

Whether you are feeding 10 or 100, we can cover providing the meats for your event. We can make any quantities of pulled pork, baby back ribs, brisket, whole chicken, or smoked salmon for your and your guests. On special request, we can arrange sides, sauce, utensils, and plates for your event. Just let us know what you want to do and we will work with you to make you happy. Please allow several week's notice for large events. We smoke on the weekends, so planning is key.

dinner date

As few as 2

Do you have a smaller crew to feed or is it just you? We can help with that too. Since most of our BBQ is done in larger batches, we can let you know when we'll have an order placed for smaller jobs. The same delicious BBQ we make for big events is also available in smaller quantities as well. Just let us know what you are in the mood for and we can work out a time to feed your need.

Call (952) 451-1413 to discuss your event and to get a quote.