The Pitmaster

Jeremy Spivey is the 3rd generation "meat head" in his family. He grew up in the Deep South watching his father and grandfather butcher, process, and prepare fresh livestock. His passion for making BBQ started as a young man watching his father and neighbors build a large bonfire of dried hickory wood, let it burn down to coals, and shake them under a homemade pit with a flat shovel. Long nights at the open pit taught him the patience needed to wait for the perfect time to take the meat off the smoker. He proudly continues this process today on a home-build trailer smoker that uses the same principles to make mouth watering BBQ.

The Tools

Our pit is a single-axle trailer with two levels of cooking grates and about 20 square feet of cooking surface. The firebox is six feet long and can burn for 8 continuous hours without a recharge.

The Process

Low and slow, light dry rub.

The Awards

Spivey-Q, competing as Sloppy Jones BBQ, has taken home 1st place trophies in all categories and a Grand Champion of the MN Renaissance Festival. We have also competed in KCBS sanctioned competitions against the world's best teams.