Cooking for a crowd can be stressful. Add impeccable timing to the mix and it can make you want to go out and get Chinese food! If you want to let the smoke roll this holiday season, consider this tip to help keep you sane.

BBQ is great off the smoker and can be a real centerpiece to your table. If your guests are arriving at uncertain times, consider the faux cambro or FTC (foil, towel, cooler) method. It sounds simple and it is! It's a trick that many backyard (and competition) chefs use to  get the timing right. Brisket is best for this method, but a whole pork shoulder or ribs would work equally well. After the food is done, wrap it tightly in foil, grab an old (but clean) bath or beach towel), and put it in a small cooler. This will allow the meat to cool slowly and let the juices redistribute through the muscle. Unwrap it when you are ready and pop it in the oven if you need to warm it up. This will give you up to two hours for your guests to get settled.